How Prenatal Yoga Can Help Moms Prepare for Labour & Delivery

Updated: Jan 8

You know how a good workout can make you feel better? Well, this applies when you’re pregnant too. Your body is going through so many changes which can feel super uncomfortable at first but, a lot of those discomforts can be reduced by staying active!

Regular exercise during pregnancy can help:

  • Reduce back pain

  • Boost your mood and energy levels

  • Help you sleep better

  • Promote strength and endurance

  • Reduce your chance of getting gestational diabetes

A new study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice shows that prenatal yoga can help reduce labor pain in women giving birth. The study showed that women who did yoga while pregnant:

  • Experienced less intense pain during labor

  • Had a lower percentage of cesareans

  • Experienced shorter durations of the 2nd and 3rd stages of labor

Exercise can also ease your recovery after you given birth. If you're able to maintain some form of muscle tone during pregnancy, it’ll be easier for your muscle memory to kick in after pregnancy when you begin to exercise again.

Another plus to exercising during pregnancy is the allowance to continue living a healthy lifestyle.


Helps in building endurance

Yoga can help build stamina, which will help before, during and after your labor.

Helps in labor

Yoga not only helps improve the overall health of mamas, but it also does wonders for the fetal development. Yoga increases the muscle strength and energy that aids vaginal deliveries.

Helps your baby get in a better birth position

Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of pelvic muscles and bones and aids in ensuring the ideal birthing position for the baby

Helps in relieving pains

As the pregnancy progresses, you may experience back pain, headaches and other aches. Yoga helps in easing pains through proper blood circulation, better muscle strength, and improved breathing techniques. For a visual tip, check out my FREE Sequence To Help Lower Back Pain and Sciatica.

Helps in getting good sleep

Yoga reduces stress, anxiety and pain relaxing the mind, body and soul which can then aid in your sleep!

The benefits of exercise may extend to your growing baby as well. Research shows that babies with moms who exercise more end up having a better cardiovascular system than those with more sedentary moms.

If you are healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it should be perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy but you should still consult with your doctor first.

The physical practice of yoga during pregnancy can improve your strength, flexibility and aches while pregnant and in labor. The mindfulness aspect of yoga can increase your ability to sleep better and become in tune with your body and its responses to labor.

This is exactly what you’ll learn in the Mama Hive Yoga program and you’ll be able to conveniently do it from anywhere you’d like!

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