Rumpus Room is an organic, multi-functional skin nouishing balm for the whole family! Our all-purpose balm has been expertly formulated to replenish and soothe the skin. Rumpus Room is infused with the bioactive ingredients of Calendula flowers which are widely known for their skin healing properties.


Rumpus Room can be used externally on any dry or irritated skin, including cracked nipples, baby's bottom, chapped hands, cracked heels, and even your hair. It is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. Rumpus Room is a safe product that will nourish and soothe your baby's sensitive skin; especially during those cold, dry winter months.



Apply a little balm to your dry bits everyday to nourish your dry skin and  take some deep breaths. You also may want to use a little balm to gently massage your baby after bath time to connect after your day together.


Made without parabens, sulfates, synthetics, or artificial fragrances.







Rumpus Room-All Purpose Balm

  • Ingredients: organic cocoa butter (Theobroma cacao), organic shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), organic jojoba seed oil (Simmondsia chinensis), organic Calendula C02 extract (Calendula officinalis), organic beeswax,  tocopherol