Mamas and mamas to be...

It goes without saying that motherhood is a true joy and gift; the most magical experience.


However, it can also be uncomfortable, and painful. It can stretch you emotionally and physically. From one week to the next you might feel differently; your body will feel differently. It's a time of change and transformation.


★ Maybe you'll experience prenatal issues such as nausea, joint pain, lower back pain, or pelvic pain...

 Insomnia, restless leg syndrome or even stress and anxiety are common.

★ Heartburn and shortness of breath can make it difficult to lie down and relax. 

I had been practicing yoga for a number of years and during my pregnancy, with the changes going on in my body, I needed to shift my yoga practice.


I knew that I needed to find a space where I could rest, reclaim myself and lower my anxieties...


...a space where I would be supported by other like-minded women and fully sink into the strong, amazing mama that I wanted to be!  


As a certified pre & postnatal yoga teacher since 2003 and a postpartum doula, I’ve been teaching and working with pre/postnatal women in the communities that I have lived in.


Through this extensive experience, I have now made it possible to provide a simple and easy way for mamas and mamas-to-be to get the help they need...


I can't replace your mom or dedicated besties, but MamaHive will be your new greatest resource both before and after you birth your babe. 


What is it exactly? Easy.


MamaHive is an online subscription-based holistic yoga program made specifically for pre and postnatal mamas.

Welcome to


Things to look forward to​​...

The Mamahive membership is made just for mamas; with yoga practices focused on the unique needs of your body both before and after your babe is born.

The membership is designed with these goals in mind:

★ To help increase your strength and prepare your body for childbirth.

★ To help you stay toned and flexible throughout all trimesters 

★ To aid in balancing hormones that may be a little out of whack.


★ To help alleviate lower back pain, nausea and headaches

★ To help reduce stress and anxiety

★ To help improve quality of sleep


★ To help your post-pregnancy body heal and gently build back core strength


★ To help you BREATHE

★ To offer a much-needed safe practice, that will allow your body the time to heal from the major changes it just went through during childbirth


★ To provide sessions that you can do with your newborn, cherishing, and growing a bond that will last a lifetime.

★ To provide professional resources and support with special talks from experts on the safety of aromatherapy, Ayurvedic health, postnatal recovery.

I can't wait for you to join the community!

Mamahive is launching in 2021! But while you wait...

a little gift to get you started!

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